A Slight Divergence from the Story, Part III.V


This is a… propaganda-poem (?) that I wore as a sign on a night out. It may have upset people. I am now going to write what I suppose is… a counter-propaganda-poem from a different voice? I’m not sure. Just scroll down and read.


Vibe Marxists


This is not me. This is my depression. These are my demons. The demons wrote this. The demons made me wear this. This is what my demons make me think I am. My demons are not me. But if my demons want to speak, I will let them speak. They have important things to say. They are “brutally honest,” and think only the most brutal of all possible realities could ever be the truth. That anything even remotely kinder is a lie. And they are very convincing. But they are the ones that lie. Sorry if my demons triggered you. But look at the positives. When your demons trigger people, they receive a flood of love and support from other people. The demons might not be capable of love themselves, but they force others to love each other even harder. Always look at the positives of any situation. My demons created love in others. And I am happy about that. Even if I don’t deserve a share of that love, I am happy about that. And I somehow managed to use demon logic to make myself happy. I should be proud of that. If that is the only method that works, then use it. And I am having a sense of humor about my demons. And I am turning my demons into art. And I am detaching myself from them. Hopefully. And I am happy about that. There are positives to everything. I think I like the message of this piece more than the original. The original might be more creative, but I think this one is more truthful. I hope it is. Well, both are fine. And one day, I will deserve a share of the love. One day, I will be capable of that love again myself. And Vibe Marxist won’t have to exist anymore. But until that day… Redistribute that shit!


And here is the text of the original in case its too blurry:

Do Not Interpret Too Literally! 🙂

We, the Vibe Marxists of the 1%, are sick and tired of the Vibe Hoarding of the Vibe Capitalists of the 99%. We demand a share of the vibes that are rightfully ours. We, the Vibe Capitalists of the 99%, are sick and tired of the pain, suffering and marginalization our elitist behavior inflicts upon the Vibe Marxists of the 1%. We need more aggressive redistributionary measures to liberate the 1% from their Vibe Poverty. Vibe Capitalist came here to climb the pyramids. But Vibe Marxist doesn’t want to leave anybody behind. So around and around in circles I will continue to go. Consuming your vibes. Whatever they are at any given moment. And spreading my vibes. Whatever they are at any given moment. This piece reflects how I feel at this present moment. But this feeling is impermanent too. Shitty feelings inspire me to write shitty propaganda. But I want to share my shitty propaganda with you anyway. Because shitty propaganda is all I can find in my soul at this moment. And I want to share my soul with you. Because I love you. Whoever you are, I love you.

PS: Vote Bernie anyway.

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